The OnePlus 8 Pro packs Nokia OZO microphone tech

The Nokia OZO brand isn’t too popular, at least since Nokia stopped working on the eye-catching 360-degree VR camera. Still, OZO Audio is alive and well and periodically when Nokia makes a technology licensing deal and OnePlus is the latest party to such a deal. The OnePlus 8 Pro flagship features a three-microphone array, powered by Nokia OZO.

OnePlus 8 Pro: ultramarine blue
OnePlus 8 Pro: icy green
OnePlus 8 Pro: Onyx Black

OnePlus 8 Pro: ultramarine blue • icy green • onyx black

Still, OnePlus spent a good few minutes on stage during the announcement to explain Audio 3D, Audio Zoom, and Audio Windscreen – the three camera features enabled by OZO technology.

The audio zoom is pretty self-explanatory, offering an audio boost, to go along with the camera’s digital zoom level. The windshield promises advanced and “dramatic” reduction of wind noise in video recordings. And 3D Audio is just a generic name for advanced special audio capture. Nothing really groundbreaking, but still beneficial for users and a lot for both parties involved.

Jyri Huopaniemi, Head of Technology Licensing at Nokia Technologies, said he was pleased with the new agreement:

We are thrilled to enable OnePlus’ latest smartphone model to capture and record immersive, high-quality sound with OZO Audio, enabling their customers to experience vivid and dynamic recordings. It’s another testament to our leadership as a licensor of advanced technologies to smartphone and camera makers.

Nokia Technologies is focused on licensing Nokia intellectual property, including patents, technologies and the Nokia brand, building on Nokia’s continuous innovation and decades of technology R&D leadership used in virtually all connected devices in use today. We license our innovative OZO spatial audio and visual technologies to smartphone and camera manufacturers through our technology licensing business.

Looking quickly through the news section, we can clearly spot a few other recent Oppo device phones like the Find X2 and Find X2 Pro which also feature OZO technology. Therefore, this partnership with Nokia is likely part of a larger deal involving multiple brands under the BBK Electronics umbrella. In this case, we can potentially expect the technology to trickle down even further to the parent company’s phone brands and branches.


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