Qualcomm is partnering with BOE to produce flexible panels with 3D Sonic sensors

Qualcomm has just announced its partnership with BOE – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD and OLED displays and one of the few manufacturers of flexible displays. The partnership should allow BOE to manufacture flexible OLED panels with integrated 3D Sonic fingerprint sensors.

Qualcomm partners with BOE to produce flexible panels with 3D Sonic sensors

With Qualcomm’s partnership with BOE, they intend to sell complete solutions to smartphone manufacturers, reduce costs for OEMs, and offer personalized and much easier integration with custom designs. Phone makers won’t do the whole research and development process.

The announcement indicates that we can expect out-of-the-box devices with this combo in the second half of this year. Additionally, the Qualcomm – BOE partnership will extend beyond smartphone panels as the two companies want to develop IoT systems together.


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