iOS Not Syncing All Google Calendars to iPhone?

If your iOS device does not sync Google Calendars with your iPhone, then updates you make to your calendars on the web or any other device will not be reflected on your iPhone or iPad. The version of the calendar that you will have on your iPhone will be old when it was last synchronized with Google’s servers.

You’ll probably want to fix the Google iOS calendar issue ASAP, as not doing so will lead to missed appointments and a bit of chaos in your schedule. Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to sync your Google Calendar with your iPhone.


    Activate Google Calendar in the iPhone Calendar app

    The original iOS calendar app is able to manage and manage multiple calendars. It often has calendars available from several of your online accounts that you use on your device. If your Google Calendar isn’t showing up and you see that it’s not syncing with your iPhone, you want to make sure your calendar is turned on in the app.

    It can be easily checked by looking at the Calendar app on your iPhone.

    • Start stock Calendar app on your device.
    • Press the Calendars option at the bottom.
    • The next screen lists all of the calendars that you can view in the app. Make sure your Google Calendar is checked, then tap Ended in the upper right corner.

    Make sure calendar sync is enabled in settings

    Your iPhone gives you the option of choosing what you want to sync from your Google account to your iPhone and what you don’t want to sync. You need to make sure that Google Calendar sync is turned on. If not, you will need to turn it on to update Google Calendar on your iPhone.

    • Start the Settings application on your iPhone.
    • Press on Passwords and Accounts.
    • Tap on your Gmail account in the list.
    • You should now see Google services syncing with your iPhone. Make sure the toggle next to Calendars is in the TO position.

    Use a magic link to sync all Google calendars to iPhone

    If you are having an issue where some of your Google Calendars sync with your iPhone but not others, there is actually a link you can go to to resolve the issue. The problem isn’t with your device or anything, but there is an option that needs to be enabled before all of your calendars can sync with your iPhone.

    By default, only calendars under My Calendars on Google will be synced. However, you can also enable synchronization of other calendars by following these steps.

    • Open a browser on your computer and head to the magic link of Google calendars.
    • Check all the calendar you want to sync with your iPhone and click to safeguard to save the changes.

    Check your internet connection

    Since the syncing process uses your internet connection, you want to make sure that your iPhone can send and receive data through your connection. If there is a problem with your internet, you should first fix it before syncing any services on your device.

    You can check if your internet is working by opening a web browser and going to a website like Google or Yahoo. If they don’t open, there may be a problem with your router or Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is best to contact them to find out the status of your connection and resolve any issues, if any.

    Re-add your Google account to your iPhone

    Sometimes the problem may appear for no apparent reason, and one of the things you can do is delete your Google account from your iPhone and then add it back. This will force the servers to sync calendars with your iPhone and might do the trick for you.

    • Open the Settings application on your iPhone.
    • Press the Passwords and Accounts option.
    • Select your Gmail list account.
    • Press on Delete account basically.
    • Press on Remove from my iPhone in the prompt that appears on your screen.
    • When the account is deleted, return to Passwords and Accounts section and press Add an account.
    • To select Google from the list on your screen.
    • Enter your Google login information and continue.

    Recover data from your Google account

    Your iPhone gives you several options for syncing your content with your accounts. Sometimes switching from one option to another will fix the sync issue and re-sync your Google calendars with your iPhone.

    • Open the Settings app on your device.
    • Press on Passwords and Accounts.
    • Press the Recover new data option at the bottom.
    • Select your Gmail count on the next screen.
    • Press on Go look for.
    • You can go back to the previous screen and use any of the available recovery options and see if they solve the problem for you.

    Set Google Calendar as Default Calendar

    If you have set another calendar as the default calendar for your iPhone, you might want to switch to Google Calendar as the default calendar for your device. It is worth trying it out to see if it helps you fix Google Calendar for iOS syncing issue on your phone.

    • Open the Settings application on your iPhone.
    • Tap the option that says Calendar.
    • Select the Default calendar option on the next screen.
    • Choose your Google calendar as the new default calendar.
    • Your sync issue should now be resolved.

    Google iOS calendar not syncing issue can be a major problem for you if you rely heavily on it for all your appointments and schedules. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix the problem and sync your calendars with your iPhone.

    Has the problem occurred on your iPhone before? What did you do to get around it? We would love to know what fixes you used, and you can let us know in the comments below!

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