Here are the best Amazon Echo deals right now

Echo Show 5 (left), Echo Show 8 (middle) and Echo Show (right).
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When it comes to smart speakers, Amazon has a plethora of voice-activated Echo devices, one for just about any occasion. Maybe you want to add Alexa to a room, for example, or you’re looking for an Echo device that will allow you to easily manage your lighting or other smart home products. Whatever the reason, this is one of the best times of the year to buy an Echo device, especially as the first Black Friday deals start to proliferate in preparation for the main event.

Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Amazon Echo deals available right now. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our Black Friday hub, which will continue to highlight the latest Black Friday news, tips and deals through the end of November.

The best Echo Dot deals

Last year, Amazon released the fourth generation of the Echo Dot, which looks more like a sphere than a real dot. But if you prefer the previous design, don’t worry: Amazon hasn’t ditched the third-gen Echo Dot, which still retains the familiar dot shape.

We recently saw the latest Echo Dot drop to an all-time low of $ 29, however, at the moment it’s only available on Amazon for $ 50, the original list price. Amazon also sells a model with a built-in LED display that shows the time, weather, and other information for an additional $ 10, bringing the price up to $ 60. Note, however, that the base model and the LED-equipped variant are available at 25% off on Amazon when you trade in certain devices. Both can also be picked up with a Sengled smart bulb at no additional cost.

Best Buy and Target, meanwhile, also offer the fourth-gen Dot at full price, with both retailers taking out $ 10 if you buy two, meaning you’d pay $ 90 instead of $ 100 for a pair. Best Buy, however, will also offer a four-month trial of SiriusXM Streaming Platinum in addition to a Sengled smart bulb with every purchase. The same promotions apply to the fourth-generation Dot with integrated LED display, which is available at Target and Best Buy for $ 60, the full retail price. The only difference is that Best Buy doesn’t currently offer $ 10 off when you buy two.

Amazon Echo Dot (2020)

  • $ 30

  • $ 50

  • 40% reduction

The fourth-gen Echo Dot features a more spherical design than an actual dot, but can still do everything Alexa does with other Echo models.

  • $ 30

    To Amazon

  • $ 30

    To Best buy

The best Echo Dot Kids Edition offers

The fourth generation Echo Dot Kids edition is as spherical as its adult version, but is designed to resemble a tiger or panda. The device also comes with one year of Amazon’s Kid Plus service, which provides access to a plethora of kid-friendly content, such as audiobooks and games.

The children’s edition currently sells for $ 60, its full price, on Amazon. However, the retail giant is also selling a discounted package at $ 75 instead of $ 90, which includes an Echo Dot Kids edition and an Echo Glow. Target also sells the kids’ edition for $ 60, but you’ll get $ 10 off if you buy two.

Echo Dot Kids Edition (2020)

  • $ 60

The Echo Dot Kids Edition is Amazon’s kid-friendly smart speaker. Unlike the standard model, the Kids Edition comes in one of two animal-themed configurations and comes with one year of Amazon Kid Plus at no additional cost.

  • $ 60

    To Amazon

  • $ 75

    To Amazon (package)

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