Health and fitness gadgets from CES 2022

Healthcare technology is always a highlight at CES. The big manufacturers and the little upstarts both take big turns, revealing futuristic products for a corner of life that doesn’t change as often as, say, TVs or games. The only exception to this is, of course, fitness equipment: from smartwatches and fitness trackers to exercise devices like Peleton, there’s always an explosion of incremental updates to workout-related gadgets that are coming out. we already know and love. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest health and fitness gadgets from CES 2022 as we find them. You can expect to see new products on this room every day, as we’re fortunate enough to learn more from every corner of the living room.

Withings Body Scan smart bathroom scale

Best health and fitness gadgets of CES 2022


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Withings, a longtime innovator in healthcare technology, will (likely) add some exciting new features to its latest smart scale. The Body Scan smart scale can, like previous models, detect information about your body composition, including the amount of fat or muscle in your body. Where previous models simply did it for the whole body, the new design can check specific parts of the body. In addition to letting you measure your gains in the gym more accurately, the scale can take a 6-lead ECG using a handle located near the top of the scale. The Body Scan is expected to launch in the second half of 2022, but, according to Gizmodo, the product has yet to receive FDA approval, so the timing may be subject to change.

Oral-B iO10 electric toothbrush

Best health and fitness gadgets of CES 2022

Oral B

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A surprisingly buzzing little gadget, the Oral-B Premium iO10 Smart Toothbrush features a charging base that helps the brush to “coach” your cleanings, in addition to using an indicator light on the brush on it. – even and / or download the information to your phone. Coaching, the main feature of the iO Series, tells you if you’re applying enough pressure, neglecting areas of your mouth while brushing, and provides a timer to make sure you’re setting the right time.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Best health and fitness gadgets of CES 2022


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Garmin, one of our favorite manufacturers of fitness smartwatches, has two watches in the works. The Garmin Venu 2 Plus is a slightly smaller update to last year’s Garmin Venu 2 – a 43mm versus 45mm body – which adds both a speaker and microphone to enable audio notifications and the ability to interface with your phone’s smart assistant, such as Siri or Google Assistant.


While you see them more frequently in the cars and computing categories, many companies like to create “concept” products for CES that feature technology that isn’t quite ready to be included in an expedition product. These ideas are often a bit more futuristic, which makes them incredibly cool and exciting. You won’t find them in a store anytime soon, but they’re still as cool as hell.

Y-Brush 2022

Best health and fitness gadgets of CES 2022


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French startup Y-Brush makes an alternative toothbrush that looks like a mouthguard. The company claims that its current model can already clean your teeth in 10 seconds, which is pretty impressive. For CES 2022, the company is offering a conceptual new version of the brush, which has bristles on both sides of the Y-shaped mold, rather than just one, further reducing cleaning time. And, like the Oral-B iO10, the Y-Brush concept offers six vibration modes for different types of cleaning.

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