Giải pháp phối ghép Karaoke tại gia có chất lượng trình diễn chuyên nghiệp [HOT]

The performance quality of home karaoke systems has changed dramatically over the past few years. There is no longer a simple player-speaker-amplifier-microphone combo that can only satisfy the pure need of singing in the background. The karaoke experience at home has been raised to a higher level, bringing the quality close to professional performance but still ensuring the appearance and design suitable for the home space.

Giải pháp phối ghép Karaoke tại gia có chất lượng trình diễn chuyên nghiệp  [HOT]

PARAMAX owns two audio product lines for home and professional, this is a rare advantage that helps manufacturers choose and equip the most suitable hardware technology from the performance equipment. into home karaoke products but still ensure the design is suitable for the interior and easy to use. Recently, PARAMAX introduced the DX-2500AIR DSP digital resonator with professional calibration features with a user-friendly design for home users, which is also the main product in the system. combination that we introduce in the article. In addition to the DX-2500AIR DSP, the set-up system will include the main power amplifier DA-2500, a pair of specially designed speakers SC-2500, subwoofer SUB-2000, and of course indispensable wireless microphone SM-2500 SMART .


PARAMAX DX-2500AIR DSP is one of the devices that determines the quality of sound performance, not only for home karaoke systems but also can be applied in professional service karaoke rooms, stages. mini…

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In particular, unlike digital reverberation devices used in combination with computer software, DX2500AIR DSP is equipped with high-end microcontrollers and rheostat systems that allow home users to easily adjust parameters. in a simple and intuitive way in the style of a traditional knob.

Although designed for home karaoke, the PARAMAX DX2500AIR DSP digital resonator is highly appreciated by us for the quality of components including DSP processors from Dream SAS (France), Cypress Semiconductor microcontrollers. (USA), Texas Instruments DAC chip (USA), and the famous ALPS potentiometer (Japan), all ensure accurate signal processing, limit noise and help the device operate stably in long time. With extremely simple operations, non-professional users can also easily adjust features such as Echo and Reverb in both the low and high parts of the voice, or change the width of the vocal by rotating. Echo Mono and Stereo knobs. To make vocals from the microphone better, deeper and lighter, similar to live (live) singing stages, the PARAMAX DX-2500AIR DSP supports features such as Repeat, Delay and Reverb Time as well as functions. Simple button rotation.

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In addition to enhancing vocal effects more professionally, an important and very valuable feature of the DX-2500AIR DSP is FB Control. This technology allows to cut howling, very effective but does not affect the quality and color of the vocals. Not only greatly optimizing the efficiency of sound reproduction, PARAMAX’s mechanical digital reverb also supports the expansion of the aptX standard bluetooth wireless source connection. This feature will make it possible for users to sing from YouTube music on a tablet, even from a smartphone with high quality sound connected to a completely wireless karaoke system.

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To be able to perform the full frequency range, we chose a speaker system that is combined between the main loudspeaker model SC-2500 and subwoofer SUB2000. The first advantage of these two speaker models is the interior-friendly design. If most karaoke speakers have dark, very rough cabinets, both SC-2500 and SUB-2000 have up to three synchronization options, with three color versions: Calvados, Walnut and Black – as delicate as a high-end hifi speaker, suitable for any interior design space.

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PARAMAX SC-2500 has a hanging speaker form with a total of 5 drivers in 3-way crossovers. In addition to being covered with veneer, the walls are all machined from imported MDF materials used for cabinet manufacturing, with high rigidity and limited internal resonance. Unlike other hanging speakers on the market, the SC-2500 has a rounded front face, this is a design that allows to expand the sound wave angle of 4 mid drivers, tweeters are arranged along both sides of the speaker, creating a The stage is wider and more exiting than a conventional flat cabinet. The driver system of the SC-2500 includes two 77mm tweeters, two 77mm mids and 254mm mid-woofers. These speakers have a wide frequency range from 40 to 20.00Hz, with a total capacity of 500W, allowing them to be combined with large main amp lines. The advantage in terms of sound quality of the SC-2500 is the ability to perform treble and mid high with natural harmonics, giving a thick and honest voice thanks to the selection of high-quality drivers and crossover components.

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Active subwoofer SUB-2000 is PARAMAX’s new speaker design, rated as one of the most impressive 12-inch subwoofers in its price range thanks to its high performance with Class D amplifier for maximum power up to 600W. . Although it is a subwoofer, the manufacturer still invests in a pretty good appearance with the options of wood veneer outside and meticulously designed lines and details. The direct highlight of the SUB-2000 is the woofer driver with a diameter of 12 inches aluminum film material, covered with an impressive copper color anode. This coating also plays an important role in increasing the stiffness and vibration resistance on the membrane surface. To optimize dynamics and limit noise, the company equips this woofer driver with a set of dual magnets along with a large-diameter voice-coil, optimally supporting the coaxial travel of the diaphragm. The speaker box of the PARAMAX SUB-2000 is made of imported MDF boards up to 25mm thick, with a narrow slit-shaped outlet at the front, this is one of the advanced techniques in modern subwoofer design, helping to pressurize good speaker cabinet and avoid buzzing noise when arranged in a narrow space.

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The DA-2500 power main and the DX2500AIR DSP mechanical resonator are a perfect mix in both design and engineering. Both have the same size with a glossy surface, the rotary buttons also have a similar design, so when placed on top of each other, these two devices create a seamless, neat feeling. The main PARAMAX DA-2500 has a capacity of 400W/8ohm with a traditional Class AB amplifier circuit to ensure color fidelity, optimal timbre than mains using low-cost Class D circuits. DA-2500 runs 20 Toshiba shells, the special source part is invested by PARAMAX with toroidal transformers and large capacitor systems are all European standard components. It is this power supply that helps the overall output sound to have high static, good dynamic response and most importantly, very low THD harmonic distortion of <0.01% at 8Ohm impedance.

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Circuit protection is an indispensable technology for large capacity motherboards. With the PARAMAX DA2500, in addition to short circuit protection or overpowering, the manufacturer also equips a thermal sensor circuit to help predict and avoid damage to the speaker system through temperature changes. inside the machine. Specifically, when the power circuit reaches the threshold of 90 degrees Celsius, the main will automatically disconnect from the speaker and will return to normal when the temperature drops to 88 degrees Celsius.


The SM-2500 SMART specializes in vocal reproduction with crisp, realistic sound that gives confidence to any voice, thanks to its wide-range design, high-quality electronics, and microphones. The receiver helps to effectively support detailed vocal ranges, especially the mid-bass range. The “smart” generation product is also equipped with a function circuit to suppress howls, creating the most refreshing feeling when singing. In addition, the RF part is applied multi-stage high efficiency filter and has excellent anti-interference ability. When performing high-intensity sound, the SM-2500 SMART achieves tight control of distortion-distortion to a minimum.

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After completing the combination of devices, to be able to evaluate the sound reproduction quality of the system, we experiment with familiar audio test discs. The combination of the DX-2500AIR DSP mechanical tuning reverb head and the DA-2500 power main allows the maximum exploitation of the performance power as well as the detailed reproduction capacity of the SC-2500 speakers. With a 3-way design, good cabinet structure, the SC-2500 speakers, although only have a 12-inch woofer, can show low bass and separate from the speaker surface with good dynamics. The high range of the driver also shows smoothness with very low harmonic distortion, especially the mid-range has a thick thickness and the mid-low and mid-high areas are also clearly separated, so we can feel the space of the instruments. in the general stage background at a pretty good level. What makes us most satisfied with this combination is that the system can completely build a performance space with depth, clear left-right separation. Listeners feel a floating stage in front of their eyes, although the detailed structure as well as the layering of course only stop at a good level, while at home karaoke systems, even with a higher investment level, it is rare to have the ability. equally good two-channel stage performance.

Combining the PARAMAX SUB2000 subwoofer and SM-2500 SMART microphone, now we need to make some fine-tuning on the DX-2500AIR DSP digital reverb in terms of timbre, Echo effects, Reverb to optimize vocal effects. Calibration is quick and easy thanks to instant monitoring when changing mechanical knobs on the instrument. The feature that we really like when working on the DX-2500AIR DSP digital reverb is that you can adjust the Echo and Reverb in the low and high vocals, combined with the feature to change the width (Echo Mono and Stereo) allows to “beautify” more amateur vocals.

Compared to home karaoke systems that we have mixed and tested before, the PARAMAX system offers two distinctly different sound characteristics: the liveliness of the sound stage and the advantage of harmony. between background music and vocals. It is easy to see that the dynamics, sound escape and flexible handling of the set are very close to the performance stage. The SC-2500 suspension speaker system combined with the SUB-2000 combine to provide an escape sound space instead of clustering in the speaker area, and above all, the speed and tempo are very clear thanks to the high-quality main amplifier. low distortion. Not only has good harmony with the background music, our feeling is that the vocals are positioned correctly between the two speakers, the vocals are light and especially strong with high sound detail with good balance, which limits the errors. This is a common cause of sound glare in home karaoke systems, especially when played at high volume.

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The difference in performance quality between professional karaoke rooms and home karaoke is almost nonexistent in the PARAMAX mixer. In addition to the sound performance with good dynamics, low noise, harmonic quality close to the performance stage, the interior-friendly design is also a notable feature of this system. In addition, users can completely expand the functionality of this karaoke set into a small home performance system. We tested playing live with vocals and a guitar for very good sound effects, especially with the help of very effective tuning of the PARAMAX DX-2500AIR DSP digital reverb.